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Website Design and Development

It is not just about having a website, but having a website that performs. Your website should be able to attract and engage customers, generate leads make sales even while you are sleeping. To achieve these, you will need the service of a professional website design company with high level of digital marketing experience.

We at Logicscrony, hold expertise in the field of web design and development using latest web technologies tools such as HTML5, CSS3, php6/Mysql, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Wordpress, .net programming. This has helps us to satisfy the needs of our clients and contribute to their business development

Because of our many years experience in Web Development and Digital Marketing, we can fulfill your needs by imbedding our interactive ideas and Online Marketing Strategies with your corporate objective.

Our web design services include: Static websites, Dynamic websites, Ecommerce websites, CMS websites, Logo design

Website Redesign

Just a moment! Analyze your website to test its potentiality. Can you update its content without calling the designer? Know whether current website appeal your target customers? Has it been designed using latest web technologies? Make sure whether your website is extending your brand image or not.

Confirm whether it is easy to navigate or not. Make a revision whether you are getting the desired traffic through the help of your website or not. Does your website serve your purpose? A website is just a replacement for your business, is it professional looking? Is the content of your website good? Also confirm whether your website is search engine friendly or not.

If you get any negative results in this analysis, then you need to consult LOGICSCRONY - Professional Website design and SEO company immediately.

Website Maintenance

It has been observed that some Web Design Companies are not showing their interest to update a website after initial design. They are not willing to maintain a long term relationships with the clients. You may require fixing some link problems, images manipulation, update news letter, adding blog, text edition, adding content to your website such as the forth coming events or to modify the existing phone number, address of your Company.

In fact, you may need to add more pages, move from static design to dynamic design and CMS - where you can update the content of your website without having to contact any web designer, increase the site traffic, update the coding system to make the site more engaging, user friendly and high ranking.

You cannot perform all these tasks without the help of a Web Designer or Web Developer. Hence, there is a necessity for the services of a Professional Web Design company.

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